About Us

Onshore is an information technology services company born from a tenacious desire to keep jobs here in the U.S.

Onshore emerged from a vision and a belief that corporate America does not have to look offshore to find a highly talented, exceptionally competent, and cost-effective IT workforce. In fact, such expertise happens to be living on rural roads right here in America.

With the right kind of specialized training, our gifted American workforce is delivering practical, world-class IT services for public, private, local, and global technology clients - all at competitive prices and superior quality and convenience to offshore alternatives.

The Onshore Model
Onshore proudly employs IT professionals from within the grass-root communities of America to provide low-cost, high-quality IT services unmatched anywhere else in the world. Our unique Rural Delivery and Organic Workforce Development models provide our employees a collaborative environment focused on delivering great products and services.
Core Competencies
Onshore's Domestic Outsourcing approach, coupled with our unique Workforce Development programs and tireless Ongoing Mentoring, is revolutionizing the IT outsourcing industry and rural America - all for good reason.
Value Advantages
Onshore teammates routinely think of better ways to approach challenges and provide solutions rather than simply take orders and respond to tasks and queries. We operate in a collaborative environment where sharing best practices among ourselves and our client partners is not only encouraged but is a commonplace cultural habit. It's the ultimate win-win as Onshore employees value our culture and our culture brings value to our clients.
Success in the global marketplace demands outstanding leadership. From world-class experience to fearless innovation, our leaders are revolutionizing the outsourcing industry by bringing jobs back onshore and revitalizing rural America in the process.
Our four locations throughout Missouri and Georgia work seamlessly to provide superior quality service and customer experience for all of our clients.